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MenEngage Gender Equality Network

Location: Uganda

Closing Date: 31 Jul 21


A: Eligibility

A bidder may be a private or public entity incorporated in Uganda with a valid trading licence, evidence to show settlement of national tax obligations, a credible track record and operates in conformity with the provisions of the laws of Uganda.

B: Selection Criterion

This organization has a committee that evaluates and awards tenders to successful suppliers based on information provided and any other relevant information that this organization may come across from any other credible source. The following is the minimum criterion that will be followed in selecting and awarding tenders:

Attach a list of rates you charge for the different services/products. These rates must be tax inclusive. Please note that we are not necessarily bound to take the bidder with the least price.

  1. Least Price
  2. Best quality
  3. Reliability and credibility of the supplier
  4. Past experience of the supplier

C: Disqualification of a Bidder

A bidder will be disqualified on the following grounds:

  1. Submission of a non-responsive bid document
  2. Non submission of the following documents
    • Valid Trading License
    • Certified copy of Certificate of incorporation
    • VAT registration certificate
    • Income tax clearance certificate
    • Certified List of directors (Certified form 7)
  3. Promotion of corruptive tendencies e.g. Influence peddling
  4. Lack of copies of the company bank statements for the last three months.