Introducing the newly elected steering committee of MenEngage Africa Alliance!


MenEngage Africa is pleased to introduce its new steering committee members. The new steering committee boasts a diverse range of individuals from various backgrounds and professional experiences.

We are proud to welcome steering committee members who bring a wealth of experiences in addressing gender injustice and promoting positive masculinities. Their expertise and leadership skills will be invaluable in leading MenEngage Africa towards achieving its vision of a world where gender equality is a reality.

The selection process for the new steering committee members was conducted at the June 2023 Annual general meeting. Following that, the enthusiastic group proceeded to Rwanda in August 2023 for an induction meeting after attending the 3rd MenEngage Africa Symposium and contributed immensely on both the Youth Pre-Symposium declaration and the main Symposium declaration. 

For the first time in MEA history, youth is at the helm of both the youth and regional steering committees, demonstrating MEA’s dedication to promoting youth leadership and actively involving young people. We are positive that our new steering committee members will contribute to a brighter future for MenEngage Africa, and we look forward to working with them to achieve our objectives.

The new steering committee includes Nontokozo Sithembile Gumede (eSwatini), Rebecca Namposya (Zambia) representing the Southern Africa Sub region, Aisha Uwase (Rwanda) Manirakoze Edoaurd Omar (Burundi) representing the East African Sub region, Elvis Tougbaty Dweh (Liberia), Ornela Emefa Pakou (Togo) representing the West African Sub region and Tebi Honourine (Cameroon) representing the Central Africa Sub region. Chomba Crispin (SAFAIDS-SRHR strategic Partner) Robert Amoafo (Pan African IIga -LGBTIQ Strategic partner), Adelde Nyigina(ADF -Disability Strategic partner), Gcina Shongwe (MEA Youth chair).

“I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities this new position presents, and I’m so excited to bring forth my expertise on the feminist approach and inclusion of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer womxn & Gender Non-Conforming (LBQGNC) framework and the element of holistic health and wellness security . I’m grateful for the network’s confidence in my abilities and the chance to assume the role of chairperson of the network in this capacity. I’ll do my best to exceed your expectations of me and the whole network,” said Nontokozo Sithembile Gumede, MEA Chair.

“Meaningful Youth Participation and Inclusion in key decision making and policy processes and investing in young people’s capabilities and efforts, along with equitable access to information, for me as MEA Youth Chair, I believe this is a crucial step towards ensuring young people’s voices are empowered, valued, and put into action”, Gcina Shongwe (MEA Youth Chair) #ForYouthbyYouth

The success of our programs and interventions largely depends on the collaboration and support of MEA members and our strategic partners. We are proud to have some of our most crucial partners represented on the newly formed steering committee, including Pan African IIga-LGBTIQ, ADF-Disability, and SAfAIDS Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. Our strategic partners will amplify the voices and concerns of LGBTIQ individuals and SRHR advocates from the regions they represent.

This includes ensuring that the needs and perspectives of marginalized communities are considered in our programming and advocacy efforts. These partners will be instrumental in ensuring that our programs and implementation are inclusive and that no one is left behind.

Pan African IIga-LGBTIQ is the African region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA). It gathers over 150 organizations throughout the Region working for human rights and equality for LGBTIQ+ people. Their expertise are invaluable in helping us design and implement programs that are responsive to the needs of the LGBTIQ community.

African Disability Forum (ADF), is the continental membership organization of Disabled Persons’ Organizations (DPOs) in Africa. Formally established in 2014, ADF seeks to strengthen and unify the representative voices of Africans with disabilities, their families and organizations. The African continent is immense with great regional diversity, making it impossible for one organization to directly and fully reflect and represent such diversity. Thus, ADF includes and builds upon existing organizations, networks, capacities and successes. ADF does not replace any existing continental or sub-regional organization but invites all to be ADF members. ADF strives to be inclusive and to engage and reflect the views of all existing pan-African, sub-regional and national federations of DPOs. Their involvement will help us to ensure that we are considering the unique needs and challenges faced by persons with disabilities, and that we are creating opportunities for them to fully participate in the development of their communities.

Finally, The Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), is a regional non-profit organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe. SAfAIDS’ mission is to Be a Trend-setter in Promoting Integrated Effective and Ethical Development Responses to SRHR, by enabling Gender Equality, Social Inclusion and Resilience for All. Their expertise and guidance will help MEA continue to design and implement programs that are responsive to the needs of women and girls, and that are helping to reduce the prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

“The MenEngage Africa Alliance is excited to welcome the new steering committee whose role is to provide world-class leadership and guidance to our African chapter,” said Josephine Mukwendi, Regional Programmes Specialist at Sonke Gender Justice.

We are grateful for the support and partnership of these key strategic partners organizations, and we look forward to continuing to work together to ensure that our programs and initiatives are inclusive and effective in achieving our mission of building strong, resilient, and equitable communities across the region.