Meaningful Inclusive Youth Participation (MIYP) Training in Uganda


Power To Youth, recently hosted Meaningful Inclusive Youth Participation training from September 4th to September 8th, 2023. The training was conducted by two of Sonke Gender Justice’s experienced facilitators, Zaituni Nabateregga and Ontlametse Raleru. The training was specifically designed as a capacity-building request from the Community Management Team, to increase their understanding and operationalization of MIYP. All three CMT partners participated in the workshop, with each sending four representatives to ensure comprehensive representation.

The training was highly informative and engaging, with a range of workshops that covered various aspects of MIYP. The workshops included defining MIYP and its value, exploring the importance of CHOICE involvement, and examining the characteristics of MIYP such as pre-conditions, disablers, elements, and forms. Throughout the training, participants were encouraged to engage in open discussions and share their experiences and perspectives on MIYP.

In the context of PtY, participants discussed why MIYP is important to the program and how it connects to other areas such as gender transformational approaches, advocacy, southern leadership, and communication. The discussions were insightful and thought-provoking, with participants highlighting the critical role that MIYP plays in empowering young people and ensuring their voices are heard. 

Presentations, group work, reflections, and organizational experience sharing were used to convey the curriculum. The MIYP Checklist, designed by Sonke and CHOICE, was piloted, and the CMT was able to provide input on the tool for improvement. At the completion of the programme, focal persons from each organization were chosen, and they will work closely with Raleru, the Youth Leadership Coordinator, to ensure the implementation of the MIYP action plans prepared as part of the training.

Overall, the Meaningful Inclusive Youth Participation course was a resounding success, with participants leaving with a deeper understanding of MIYP and its importance in empowering young people. The training will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the CMT and their ability to operationalize MIYP effectively. It is clear that PtY is committed to empowering young people and ensuring their voices are heard, and this course is just one example of their dedication to that mission.