MenEngage Africa Alliance Symposium 2023 – Call for Abstracts


The Men Engage Africa Alliance (MEA) will be holding its 3rd  Symposium from 14 to 16 August 2023. The symposium will be bringing over 200 participants including MEA members, civil society organizations, government agencies, strategic partners, private, academia and UN agencies, for a three-day symposium under the theme “Accountability and Transformation through gender-equitable evidence-based programming.” MEA invites interested individuals and institutions to submit abstracts under the following tracks or thematic areas

Gender-based ViolenceSexual and Reproductive Health Rights and HIV/AIDS
LGBTIQ, Key and Vulnerable Populations Children’s Rights 
Faith Based ApproachesYouth Leadership
AccountabilityBest and promising practices i.e. (Climate and Health etc.)

Abstracts Submissions Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract:

  1. Abstract submission deadlines close on 15 May 2023 at 23h00 SA time.
  2. All abstracts may be written in English or French. Abstracts written in other languages other than the above-mentioned languages will not be accepted by the abstract selection committee.
  3. If you wish to submit an abstract in another language besides the two languages specified above, we recommend you have your abstract translated and reviewed before submission.
  4. Abstracts will be allowed only if submitted in a standard font such as Arial when formatting your text kindly ensure that this is adhered to.
  5. The font size should be 12pts with 1.5 line spacing.
  6. The abstract length should be 300 words. Tables, figures, literature references, and acknowledgements should not be part of the abstract’s content.
  7.  Always make sure to check the final abstract before submission, and edit or replace any errors and misspellings that were necessary.
  8. Abstracts can only be submitted via the conference email; those submitted by fax or post will not be considered. All submissions will be acknowledged upon successful submission by an automatic submission email.
  9. Abstracts must not have been published for presentation to any other national or international meeting. However, an abstract that was submitted but was not accepted in previous conferences and symposiums is valid and may be submitted for MEA Symposium 2023.
  10. All abstracts should have the name of the author/authors, contact details, thematic area or track being submitted clearly marked after the title of the abstract.
  11. If you have any questions regarding your abstract submission, please contact the abstract support team at

Abstracts submission options

The symposium offers two options for abstract submission: OPTION 1 and OPTION 2.


The first option is most suited for scientific research. Abstracts presented under the first option should contain concise statements of:

Background: indicates the purpose and objective of the research, the tested hypothesis or a description of the problem being analysed or evaluated.

Methods: describe the setting/location for the study, study design, study population, data collection and methods of analysis used.

Results: present as clearly as possible the findings/outcome of the study, with specific results in summarized form. The inclusion of gender breakdown of data is strongly encouraged.

Conclusions and Recommendations: briefly discuss the data and main outcome of the study. Emphasize the significance of Gender Justice, Human Rights accountability /or support, and future implications of the results


The second option is most suited for presenting new knowledge or analysis important for understanding and responding to Gender Justice and its future implications. It is suited for information gained through systematic knowledge production/ management, other than scientific research or evaluation including community-level experiences and best practices in response to Gender-Based Violence. This process must include some evidence provided through the data obtained. Abstracts presented under the second option should contain concise statements of:

Issues: a summary of the issue(s) addressed by the abstract.

Description: a description of the intervention, project, experience, service and/or advocacy.

Lessons learned: conclusions and implications of the intervention or project. Data that support the lessons learned and evidence must be included.

Next steps: possible next steps for implementation, or recommendations. We encourage work that introduces new ideas and conceptualizations, research and understandings to the field, as well as analysis of both success and failure.

Important dates to remember

Abstract submission deadlines close on 18 May 2023 at 23h00 SA time. All Abstracts must be received by the announced deadline. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered. The Programme Committee is committed to having the Programme completed by 31 June 2023. This will allow enough time for attendees to schedule their participation accordingly.