MenEngage Africa network Secretariat meets to evaluate recent work

Members of the MenEngage alliance meet to discuss successes and pitfalls, and craft an action plan for the following months.

Today (22 February 2016) and tomorrow (23 February 2016) are two very important days in the calendar of the MenEngage Africa network. Over these two days members of the network’s secretariat are meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, to evaluate the work done by the alliance in the 20 networks that we work in, to promote gender equality and to improve gender relations in the Africa region. This is an opportunity to review the successes made and the challenges encountered.

The most important part of the two-day exercise is to plan and put our ducks in a row for the work that needs to be done over the next four months.

The meeting opened today with members of the secretariat writing on a flip-chart and articulating their proudest moment in doing the MenEngage Africa work over the last year.

View a gallery of photographs from the event here.