MenEngage Uganda has new secretariat!

Straight Talk Foundation, a non-profit organisation managing health and development communication programmes, made new Secretariat of MenEngage Uganda


We are thrilled to introduce and welcome Straight Talk Foundation (STF) Uganda as the new Secretariat for MenEngage Uganda. Straight Talk Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with invaluable experience in the design and management of health and development communication programmes and it’s headed by Susan Ajok, who serves as the Executive Director. STF’s staff member responsible for handling MenEngage Uganda’s work is Hassan Sekajoolo who has extensive experience in health communications, community mobilisation and youth development.

STF takes over the reins from Mama’s Club, a community-based organisation whose focus is on addressing the impact of HIV, reducing the associated stigma, and providing support to and empowering HIV-positive mothers.

We thank Mama’s Clup and its Director, Dr. Lydia Mungherera, for the strong leadership of the network since its inception! Dr Mungherera was very instrumental in getting MenEngage Uganda to where it is today, including developing the current terms of reference that contains elements of good governance as well as successful policy engagements with the Ministry of Health that led to the development of the National Male Engagement Guidelines for Health.

Mama’s Club ceases to be the Secretariat to MenEngage Uganda as per the network’s terms of reference, which stipulate that the Secretariat of the network is rotational on a three-year basis – renewable for one term.

A huge thank you to Dr Mungherera, through Mama’s Club, for hosting and promoting the principles of MenEngage during your stewardship! Moving forward we look forward to continue receiving your guidance on the MenEngage global and Africa steering committees, which you are part of.

We welcome STF, its Executive Director, Susan Ajok and the new co-ordinator of MenEngage Uganda, Hassan Sekajoolo, to their new role of leading our Uganda network and wish them all the best in their endeavours.

More details on MenEngage Uganda can be found here.