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MAY 2020

Let us not be blind to the gendered impact of Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic campaigns should not only address the need to tackle the virus, but they must also promote messages against gender-based violence. We must not be blind to the gendered impact of the coronavirus and we all have a responsibility to mitigate this!

Covid-19 pandemic… and they called on the woman

There is no doubt at all that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world in a way that places huge struggles on families, economies, health, businesses, and so on. And as the world marks May Day, otherwise known as Workers’ Day or Labour Day on the 1st of May, the crisis also turns out to be a very revealing one, especially concerning the roles, challenges and experiences of women as well as what is expected of them.

Taking stock of the representation of women in senior positions in Kenya

Many obstacles, including cultural, economic and political factors hinder women from occupying senior positions in Kenya. These are supported by gender stereotyping and patriarchal structural norms that continue to be stacked high up against women in society. But in spite of the challenges that exist, some progress has been made.

Women in the labour market in Tanzania

Gender differences still persist across many aspects in the labour market in Tanzania: Women are still experiencing different forms of inequalities and violence such as sexual harassment, unpaid work, and inequality in decision-making and management roles.

Not yet Uhuru for Women

As we celebrate Workers’ Day, governments and the private sector across the continent must prioritise closing the gender wage gap and to effectively tackle the structural barriers women face in the economic space.

An equity-based approach to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic

Every sector of society has a role to prevent the further repression of women and girls during this Coronavirus crisis. Here are some ways in which the Coronavirus pandemic presents as a gender and equity issue – and what we can do to prevent and stop the impacts.

Desiderata for gender parity

This paper by Dr Christopher Ugwu, Executive Director of SIRP-Nigeria, Secretariat of MenEngage Nigeria, looks at 26 selected companies in Nigeria and explores factors responsible for women’s under-representation at leadership level of these organisations. It also recommends appropriate action to remedy the lack of women leadership.

COVID-19 threatens women’s and girls’ well-being & requires men and boys to come on board

To win against the Coronavirus and to make lockdown periods safe and enjoyable, there needs to be empathy, co-operation and peaceful relations in households – and men and boys can contribute to this. Some of our networks share how men and boys can help make the international effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 a reality.