Desiderata for gender parity

Workers Day 2020 Desiderata Gender Parity

This paper looks at 26 selected companies in Nigeria and explores factors responsible for women’s under-representation at leadership level of these organisations. It also recommends appropriate action to remedy the lack of women leadership.

Building on Solid Foundations

Building On Solid Foundations

In October 2017 Sonke Gender Justice and Men Engage Africa hosted the Five Days of Gender Based Violence Prevention Meeting in South Africa. The purpose of the meeting was to share ideas, exchange promising practices, collect evidence that can strengthen collective advocacy and develop innovative ideas on “mainstreaming” violence prevention. In preparation for the meeting, […]

MenEngage Africa Training Initiative Most Significant Change Stories

MATI Change Stories

Under the auspices of MenEngage Africa (MEA), for the past five years Sonke Gender Justice has coordinated the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative (MATI) in partnership with the University of California Global Heath Institute (UCGHI) and the Women’s Health Research Unit of the University of Cape Town (UCT). The intensive 14-day training course aims to contribute […]