MenEngage Africa Evaluation of Activities: Phase 1

Singizi Evaluation MEA Phase 1

MEA seeks to have the following impact, “women, men and children enjoy more equitable, healthy and happy relationships that contribute to the development of just and democratic societies”. During this phase of the programme, the focus of activities has been on building the MEA structures and networks. This evaluation has found that there has been […]

MenEngage Africa Evaluation of Activities: Phase 2

Singizi Evaluation MEA Phase 2

As part of the research for the overall evaluation, we sent surveys to members of the country networks. We received responses from representatives of 37 organisation s from 11 countries within the MEA Network. We used these responses as the basis for this ‘deep dive’ and analysed the survey data from the se 37 country […]

‘They call me warrior’

They call me warrior

Given the extent to which Sierra Leone’s decade-long war and people’s experiences of sexual and gender-based violence remain present in everyday life, it follows that work to foster social transformation will also need to be conducted through careful long-term engagement. This requires requires long-term transnational collective action that is sustained and sensitive, linking international development […]