MenEngage Africa Regional Planning Meeting Report

A total number of 65 participants attended the MenEngage Africa Regional Consultative meeting. This meeting held in Kampala, Uganda from 14 – 16 September 2011, involved 13 MenEngage Africa country networks. This consultation meeting was a joint effort in collaboration with UNFPA Africa Sub Regional Office and the MenEngage Africa Regional Network being coordinated by Sonke Gender Justice Network.

The main aims of this meeting were to:

  1. Take stock of progress to date within Sub-Saharan Africa and draw on lessons learned on engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality, preventing GBV and sexual exploitation, and reducing the spread and impact of HIV within the region;
  2. Develop strategies to implement the UNFPA Africa Regional Framework on Working with Men and Boys for the Promotion of Gender Equality and Reproductive Health at a regional and country level, and to strengthen collaboration between UNFPA and MenEngage country networks;
  3. Share and validate resources and processes that can contribute to the work of gender equality organizations focusing on the involvement of men and boys, including the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative (MATI); and
  4. Agree on the outline of a three year MenEngage Africa operational plan aligning it with the UNFPA Regional Male Involvement Framework.

In particular, this meeting sought to build the necessary momentum and collaboration to further advance this work across Africa. It also ensured that the work remains accountable to, and in close collaboration with, a range of partners and organizations, particularly the women’s movement. Moreover, the meeting provided a road map for scaling up MenEngage activities, the impact and sustainability of work over the next 2-3 years with men and boys on promoting gender equality, preventing GBV and sexual exploitation, and reducing the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS within Africa.

Menengage Africa Report on Regional Planning Meeting in Kampala Oct 2011

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