Policy Report: Namibia

The analysis, carried out in 2012, found that while gender inequality is acknowledged within Namibia’s National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS, it is not afforded sufficient consideration and there is almost no planned interaction with men. Namibia’s GBV and parenting policies contain several strategies for engaging men and the sexual and reproductive health policies are both strategic and progressive in terms of behaviour changing interventions being combined with women’s empowerment programmes. However, concrete Information, Education, Communication (IEC) strategies or male-targeted service provision have unfortunately not yet been developed and because homosexuality is outlawed in Namibia the LGBTI population is left out of key pieces of legislation.

This Policy Report has been developed to be used as an advocacy tool for civil society, policymakers and decision-makers to identify key areas for policy advocacy, and better understand and strengthen a focus on engaging men within laws and policies for gender equality.

Nambia Policy Report

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