Policy Report: Tanzania

Few of Tanzania’s HIV policies promote and seek to operationalise gender transformative work to address men’s sexual practices and uptake of testing and treatment services. Gender-based violence (GBV) policies and legislation also pay scant attention to the potential role men can play in providing support to victims of GBV and preventing acts of GBV in their communities. While policies on sexual and reproductive health and rights acknowledge the need for improved male-centred health services and spaces for men to be more involved in the neonatal and maternal health of their partners and children, there are no plans in place to actualise these aims. Tanzanian policies that relate to parenting reinforce the role of mothers as caregivers and fathers as financial providers, rather than encouraging gender-equal parenting in all areas. Finally, owing to same-sex relations being illegal in Tanzania, the needs and concerns of LGBTI persons are not accounted for in laws and policies.

This Policy Report has been developed to be used as an advocacy tool for civil society, policymakers and decision-makers to identify key areas for policy advocacy, and better understand and strengthen a focus on engaging men within laws and policies for gender equality.

Tanzania Policy Report

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