Gender equality: ‘MenEngage Togo’ opts for more dynamism to achieve its objectives

‘MenEngage Togo’ (MET) wants to improve its functioning and improve the level of communication between its member structures. A general assembly organized on July 2 and 3 by this network, which works with men and boys for gender equality, enabled its actors to commit themselves in this direction. The meeting, which was held in Kpalimé […]

Sexual reproductive health: Young MenEngage network well equipped in Kpalimé

Young men from the MenEngage network completed Friday in Kpalimé (about 120 km north of Lomé), two days of training in “comprehensive sex education and advocacy” for the taking of initiatives and actions in the field. Young people from other organizations also followed this training organized by the Alliance Fraternelle Aide pour le Développement (AFAD) […]

Togo : Le réseau MenEngage en assemblée générale élective

« Travailler avec les hommes et les garçons pour l’égalité du genre », en abrégé MenEngage, la branche Togolaise de ce réseau (MenEngage Togo) a tenu sa toute première assemblée générale ordinaire de mise en place de ses organes dirigeants le jeudi 6 juin à Lomé. Cette assemblée a pour thème: Engagement des hommes et […]