The State of Uganda’s Fathers Report

The State of Uganda Father’s report 2021 is the inaugural report of its kind in Uganda. The report is a product of the AfriChild Center and is inspired by ‘State of The World’s Fathers’ Produced by Promundo-US. The first-ever “State of the World’s Fathers” report was published in 2015, and followed by subsequent editions published […]

State of the Tanzania’s Fathers (SOTFs) Report

This study’s objective was to explore the level of Tanzani- an men’s engagement in parenting, caregiving, Child Rights Protection (CRP), promoting gender equality, and preventing Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The focus on fatherhood stems from its importance as an entry-point to address gender inequality, particularly cycles of violence such as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Violence […]

Babe Locotfo / Good Dad Campaign

African Family Children Father

Kwakha Indvodza, a member of MenEngage eSwatini has launched a campaign to challenge fathers in eSwatini to reflect and change their ways to adopt a more active role in the home, including child-raising responsibilities, in a deeply patriarchal and conservative society. Khopotso Bodibe, Communications and Media Specialist for MenEngage Africa Alliance, spoke with Tom Churchyard, […]

AfricaGender Indaba Edition 77 (40 Mins)

Positive Fatherhood

In this edition of AfricaGender Indaba, Khopotso Bodibe discusses the issue of absent fathers and its impact on families. He also puts the spotlight on safety in South African taxis.

MenEngage Africa Symposium

Poster Symposium

REDE-HOPE, a coalition of Mozambican NGOs and activists that works with men to champion gender rights will host the 2nd MenEngage Africa Symposium from 23-27 April 2018 in Maputo, Mozambique. The Symposium seeks to take stock of progress made and challenges that remain in working with men and boys to promote gender justice. In this […]

AfricaGender Indaba – Edition 10 (40 Mins)

MenEngage Africa

In this edition of AfricaGender Indaba… We pay tribute to the world’s refugees. We discover how, in Zimbabwe, poverty and unemployment is driving young men who can’t afford dowry price or lobola to offer themselves up as slaves to families in exchange of gaining their daughters in marriage. And, the State of the World’s Fathers […]

Mabingwa “The Champions”


Mabingwa “The Champions”, is a movie of change showing work done to promote gender equality, positive fatherhood and non-violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The movie was commissioned by the Congo Men’s Network, one of 17 alliances in the MenEngage Africa network, which Sonke co-ordinates in our work with men and boys to foster […]

State of the World’s Fathers: Being a Father


Ahead of this month’s release of the inaugural State of the World’s Fathers (SOWF) Report, Sonke’s Demelza Bush and Khopotso Bodibe asked South Africans what fatherhood means to them. From paternity leave, to sharing the care-work, men, women and children shared their views about why fathers matter in a country where more than half of the children are growing up without a father present in the home. In addition the global SOWF video, this South African SOWF video will be broadcast at the Africa launch of the SOWF report in Nairobi this week.

South Africa Policy Report on Engaging Men completed

The MenEngage Africa Policy report Series is a set of policy advocacy tools to assist MenEngage partners in highlighting the need for male engagement to be prioritised at a policy level. The policy reports assess the extent to which national policies contain language that promotes the proactive engagement of men and boys for achieving gender […]

Sonke and UCT host first MenEngage Africa Training Initiative course

Sonke Gender Justice, the MenEngage Africa Network and the Women’s Health Research Unit of the University of Cape Town facilitated a groundbreaking ten day training course on Masculinities, Leadership and Gender Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa from 20-30 August 2012. The course, the first one of the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative, also known as MATI, took […]

Global launch of the MenCare campaign

The launch of the MenCare campaign was a celebration of fatherhood, and a festive gathering of people committed to engaging men across the world in becoming more involved in the care of children. The magnificent House of Sweden building in Washington DC was an ideal setting for the launch. Mostly composed of wood and glass […]