MenEngage Africa interview on SANYU FM – Part 1

MenEngage Africa

In April 2015, MenEngage Africa, which is coordinated by Sonke Gender Justice, participated in a regional East African consultative meeting held in Entebbe, Uganda, to create awareness of, and impart strategies on how to involve men and boys in efforts to curb child marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM). The meeting was topical to the […]

MenEngage Africa interview on SANYU FM – Part 2

MenEngage Africa

This is the second part of the interview conducted with MenEngage Africa’s Mabel Sengendo and Mzwakhe Khumalo on SANYU FM in Uganda, following the East African regional consultative meeting on creating awareness on the harmful effects of child marriages and female genital mutilation, held in Entebbe, Uganda, in April 2015.

Formative Research for MenEngage SRHR Initiative

Formative Research for MenEngage SRHR Initiative - Dr Erin Stern

The following report documents the feedback generated from 28 interviewed stakeholders including funders, researchers, policy specialists, directors, program officers, communication leads, technical advisors, evaluators, and consultants from a variety of regions to inform developments of and recommendations to the MenEngage SRHR Initiative. The stakeholders interviewed had a wealth of experience in SRHR, including in women’s […]

South Africa Policy Report on Engaging Men completed

The MenEngage Africa Policy report Series is a set of policy advocacy tools to assist MenEngage partners in highlighting the need for male engagement to be prioritised at a policy level. The policy reports assess the extent to which national policies contain language that promotes the proactive engagement of men and boys for achieving gender […]

Where do men stand in all this?: Sexual Violence in Conflict

This article was first published on Women Under Siege’s website: Republished here with kind permission from the author. Let’s blame men. Many of us do – many women and even men blame men for the mass rape of women in war. It’s easy to point our fingers and name the perpetrator. But what if we were […]

Regional Policy Scan Highlights Important Gaps in NSPs

Over the last year, Sonke’s work globally but especially in Africa, through the MenEngage Alliance, has grown significantly, and we are working closely with many organisations in the region to engage men and boys on issues of gender and HIV. The policy environments in the numerous countries where Alliance members are based vary enormously and […]

Sonke works with IRC against GBV in Cote D’Ivoire

Subsequent to our preparing issue 7 of this newsletter, the Ivory Coast has again been destablised by civil unrest. The disagreement over election results has divided the country with devastating effects for the humanitarian work being done in the area, including the work that Sonke and the IRC have partnered on. The project discussed in […]