Evaluations of WMATI2015‬

Three more participants write about their experiences of the Women's Health, Masculinities and Empowerment short course.

Participants in our short course on Women’s Health, Masculinities and Empowerment, continue to send their evaluations of the past two weeks of training.

Elias Muindi, Project Coordinator of the Margaret Wanzuu Foundation, Kenya writes about his experiences of Thursday, 10th September 2015.

Elias Muindi“The session on LGBTI people, culture and religion stood out for me today. It was very important to me because as a Christian and an activist, I learned about problematic theologies and theologies of compassion which I can now differentiate clearly and bring people together to address GBV, HIV and other ills in the community”.



Emmanuel Manyati, founder and Director of the Zimbabwe-based Future Generations Trust, gives feedback on his highlight of Friday, 11th September.

Emmanuel Manyati“The topic that took the day was on how to conduct successful interventions. It was important because a good project design always produces excellent results. Secondly, good project/interventions always attract funding. The session strengthened my proposal writing skills and informed me of the essential elements that are the nucleus of a successful intervention. I will be able to apply the knowledge gained to my everyday work as far as project designs are concerned. I see myself as a programmer and a leader who is able to initiate effective project designs that create excellent results, thereby improving my community-me-donor relations”, he says.

Edward Makoni, Programme Officer for livelihood programmes in Carias Zimbabwe Masvingo also wrote about his experiences of Friday, 11th September 2015.

Edward Makoni“The empowerment mapping exercise stood out for me because I now realise the need to approach each domain of empowerment at various socio-ecological levels. This helps in assessing the impact at each level and whether an intervention is doing enough empowerment. I have not been very particular on how I was interacting with the various socio-ecological levels and after the exercise, I feel I have ideas from the feedback and my own understanding which I will apply in the various interventions that I will be carrying out in women empowerment in particular and community empowerment in general”.