RFSU: Great ideas and great resources


During a visit from one of our funding partners, Sweden’s RFSU, we learnt about the large range of activities, projects and resources that this fascinating donor is involved in.

Sustainable Funding: Condoms & Sex Toys

In order to ensure that they have sufficient funds for their activities, RFSU developed a company, RFSU Ltd, that sells condoms and other sex related products to the scandanavian market. Almost 90% of all condoms sold in Scandanavia are from RFSU.

Cheeky and Compelling Resources

Annete shared some copies of the various resources that RFSU produces, ranging from a guide for service providers on how to care for rape survivors to a series of cheeky, user-friendly pocket guides on topics ranging from condom use, to Myths Surrounding Virginity.


Young Men as Equal Partners: the Basis for the Learning Centres Initiative

The Young Men as Equal Partners project which was conducted in 5 countries from 2005 to 2009. The evaluation of the initiative showed clear outcomes in terms of both boys and girls’ willingness to talk about sex and sexuality, as well as a reduction in teen pregnancies and earlier diagnosis of STIs.

Unfortunately there was no funding to continue to run the project in its initial format but instead RFSU have created the Learning Centres initiative to document the good practices from two of the original implementation sites and share them with other partners.

Sonke is managing the initiative and working with partners in Uganda and Zambia to capture the lessons and increase learning in the Africa region to increase male involvement in sexual and reproductive health, including use of services.

Sonke is very pleased to be working with RFSU and are grateful for their support.