New Steering Committee for MenEngage Africa selected


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At the just-ended MenEngage Africa Alliance Annual General Meeting, a new Steering Committee was elected. The new Steering Committee members selected are 11 in total. They comprise of seven representatives from individual MenEngage Africa country networks, namely Uganda, Mali, Zambia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, DRC and Tanzania. The four remaining seats have been taken up by representatives from Plan International and Athena network who represent our strategic partners, a representative from Sonke Gender Justice, the Alliance Secretariat and a young person from Liberia, representing MEA Youth structure.

Men Engage Uganda’s Hassan Sekajoolo was elected to chair the new Steering Committee, supported by Kassoum Coulibaly from Men Engage Mali.

The current Regional Steering Committee is taking over from the outgoing steering committee which comprised of the following countries: Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, DRC, with Plan International and Athena network representing the Alliance’s strategic partners, Sonke Gender Justice representing the Secretariat and a young person from Botswana representing Men Engage Africa Youth. Desmond Lunga from Men Engage Botswana was the chair for the outgoing committee, supported by Ilot Muthaka from DRC.

We would like to thank the outgoing Steering Committee for all the work they have done in shaping the work of Men Engage Africa over the last two years. The new Committee will serve for the same duration and their tasks will include:

  1. Providing  overall guidance and support to Men Engage Africa sub-regional and individual country networks;
  2. Working closely with the Secretariat to meet the objectives of the Alliance and to ensure compliance;
  3. Working with the Secretariat and the sub-regional and country networks on a Strategic Plan and budget to support the network;
  4. Reviewing and signing off on an annual work-plan and budget in alignment with the four-year Strategic plan and the financial needs of the Alliance;
  5. Authorising the Annual Report and Financial Statements;
  6. Assessing progress against the previous year’s goals;
  7. Ensuring adequate resources and the effective management of resources;
  8. Enhancing the network’s public image; and
  9. Contributing towards a constructive relationship between the Men Engage Africa Steering Committee, the Secretariat and its members. 

We look forward to working with, and being led, by the new Steering Committee. We wish each and every member wisdom, grace and tenacity as we journey together over the next two years towards promoting gender transformation and social justice for all in the countries where we work.