Sonke and MenEngage Africa release tri-country baseline report on GBV in Kenya, Rwanda and Sierra Leone


Sonke and MenEngage Africa have released a tri-country baseline report entitled ‘Towards safety and equality for women and girls – A comparative study of gender-based violence in Kenya, Rwanda and Sierra Leone’.

Historically, gender relations have always been grossly unequal, often to the extent that women are reduced to second-class citizens, harmed or even killed on the basis of their gender.

This report draws on baseline surveys carried out in Kenya, Rwanda and Sierra Leone by MenEngage partners in the focus countries and presents a comparative analysis of these findings. The aim of this report was to develop an empirical base upon which to advocate for and improve upon existing laws and policies that address Gender-Based Violence and promote gender quality, with a focus of engaging men and boys at all levels of intervention, to explore mechanisms to engage citizens in gender transformation, and to develop a baseline study against which the impact of United Nations Trust Fund (UNTF)-supported interventions on gender transformation can later be measured.

Towards safety and equality for women and girls – Sonke Gender Justice