UNDP in Sudan adapt Sonke’s One Man Can campaign to the Sudanese context


In post-conflict settings men often experience a loss of power coupled with unemployment. To reinstate their power, some become abusive to their partners and families. It is against this backdrop that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sudan, together with the Sudanese government decided to adapt Sonke’s One Man Can Campaign to the Sudanese context.

Since its adaptation in 2010, over 100 000 people are estimated to have directly or indirectly benefitted from the programme. In addition, over 500 people have been trained to work as One Man Can facilitators and peer educators. A network of 33 organisations, led by Zenab for Women in Development, is disseminating One Man Can messages across Sudan, with support from Sonke’s MenEngage Africa network.

This implementation of Sonke’s One Man Campaign in post-conflict Sudan is yielding positive results with Sudanese men challenging and changing their political, cultural and religious beliefs around gender-based violence (GBV) and abuse in families. Women have supported men’s involvement in this campaign, and both men and women are openly discussing their traditions, cultural practices and barriers, and perspectives of women’s roles in the family and society. This beautifully shot video from UNDP documents this project:

One Man Can Campaign in Sudan