Discussion Guide

The stories in this discussion guide are the product of a week-long workshop conducted by MenEngage African Youth Alliance and Sonke Gender Justice, in partnership with UNFPA. The seminar allowed a platform for youth activists from several different countries in Africa to share their personal stories, document their work and experiences and learn how to use their stories to inform key decision makers from their respective countries.

This guide will help you use the stories to explore the links between gender and violence, and encourage viewers to take action in support of human rights and social and economic justice. This guide will help you build skills for facilitating dialogue and discussion about the issues raised in the digital stories.

It includes:

  1. Guidelines for how to prepare for and facilitate effective story screenings;
  2. Story transcripts to help you decide which stories to share with particular kinds of audiences;
  3. General discussion questions that can be applied to all the stories, as well as selected questions tailored to each individual story.

MenEngage Digital Stories Discussion Guide 2013

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