A guide for male engagement on HIV & AIDS at the workplace

I call upon men to go for voluntary HIV counselling and testing. If you find you are HIV-positive, take HIV treatment. It will not cure you, but when the virus is suppressed, you prolong your life. And you will not infect other people. This is something that must be done. YOWERI MUSEVENI PRESIDENT OF UGANDA, launching […]

The MenEngage Africa Youth Network

This is MenEngage Africa’s Standard Operating Procedure that aims to inform youth participation in the network. The document outlines the place of young people in the network and how it contributes to building a dynamic, vocal and visible network of youth leaders and gender advocates that are committed to drive gender equality and human rights […]

SRHR advocacy toolkit for young people

This SRHR Advocacy Toolkit was developed to assist MenEngage Africa Youth Structures to design, develop and implement advocacy strategies focused on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). It is a collection of tools and information sourced from reputable and established organisations working in the fields of youth, advocacy and SRHR. It initially introduces the topics […]

MenEngage Training Manual

MenEngage Training Manual

This training curriculum focuses on tackling HIV/AIDS and promoting gender equality. It seeks to empower MenEngage Africa country networks and partners in their work engaging men and boys for better outcomes around HIV and gender transformation across the continent. The curriculum is divided into four main modules: Gender transformation; Enabling change; Facilitating the change process; […]

MenEngage Alliance Accountability Training Toolkit

Menengage Accountability Toolkit English

The training toolkit was developed to complement and put into practice the Accountability Standards and Guidelines of MenEngage Alliance. Through critical dialogue around what it means to be accountable to women’s rights and other important stakeholders, individuals and organizations will be able to define ways in which a culture of accountability can be promoted in […]

Micro-Savings and Safe Spaces with Girls in Kenya


This presentation highlights the vulnerabilities adolescent girls face in Kenya and the importance in investing in them in socially, economically and in their health. It is important to consider them assets in society and explore ways in which savings leads them out of the vulnerabilities they face.

MenEngage Africa Training Initiative

MATI Overview Booklet 2015

While the importance of engaging men and boys in gender justice work has been widely recognised, most initiatives to engage them tend to be small-scale and short-term. In order to transform pervasive gender inequalities within Africa, a scaling-up and widening in scope of the programmes and models already known to be effective is imperative. The MenEngage […]

Policy Advocacy Toolkit

Policy Advocate Toolkit How to Influence Public Policy for Social Justice and Gender Equality in Africa

This policy advocacy toolkit was developed to assist African civil society organisations to effectively contribute to the development and implementation of public policy for social justice and gender equality or to challenge proposed laws and policies that undermine gender equality and human rights. It outlines policy advocacy strategies that can be used to influence policy […]

Discussion Guide

MenEngage Digital Stories Discussion Guide 2013

The stories in this discussion guide are the product of a week-long workshop conducted by MenEngage African Youth Alliance and Sonke Gender Justice, in partnership with UNFPA. The seminar allowed a platform for youth activists from several different countries in Africa to share their personal stories, document their work and experiences and learn how to […]

Investing When It Counts


Very young adolescents, children aged 10-14, undergo tremendous physical, emotional, social, and intellectual changes. During this period, many very young adolescents experience puberty, their first sexual experiences, and in the case of girls, premature marriage. For a majority of children, early adolescence is marked by good health and stable family circumstances, but it can also […]