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MenEngage Cameroon

MenEngage Cameroon is led by Community Centre for Integrated Development (CCID) as the network’s Secretariat.

CCID is an organisation of community development experts who recognise that for the world to become sustainable, the potential of communities must be harnessed. Based in communities where the majority of residents live below the poverty line, CCID works to find ways to bring diverse groups together and leverage their abilities, interests, and resources in order to engender shared values and benefits.  It aligns with the objectives of funders — corporates, government, and  multilaterals — for the purpose of meeting the needs of intended beneficiaries. At the heart of the organisation’s interventions is to ensure local ownership of initiatives by working with communities to drive programme design and implementation to promote heath, education, economic empowerment and human rights, amongst others. To learn about CCID’s programming, please visit:

MenEngage Cameroon seeks to immediately recruit a strong membership that will work to engage boys and men to reduce gender inequalities. The network will also focus on building partnerships with a focus on promoting gender equality, the rights of women and ending gender-based discrimination.

Our actions will target boys, community leaders, policy-makers, other civil society organisations to work collaboratively towards addressing inequalities faced by women.

Investing in women’s economic empowerment reduces poverty, promotes gender equality and helps women make good decisions. That’s the conviction that drives the momentum of Keep A Girl Alive programme which is run by Reach Out Cameroon, the Secretariat of MenEngage Cameroon, to increase the incomes of vulnerable women and girls through the creation of small businesses or expanding existing enterprises.


MenEngage Cameroon recognises that there is need to build resilient communities in Africa capable of:

  • Advancing the rights and empowerment of women and girls;
  • Empowering individuals and groups to become community change agents; and
  • Promoting Health, Education and Human rights for all people

We recognise that these rights are essential to social, environmental and economic growth of communities and for justice for all indigenous people.

We envision an Africa where:

  • All women and girls can exercise their rights and make informed decisions about sexuality, relationships, child-bearing and marriage, free from coercion, violence and discrimination;
  • Communities work together with numerous stakeholders to push community driven development – aware of their rights ;
  • Young people have access to educational opportunities as well as access to youth-friendly reproductive rights services; and
  • Young people have access to information, resources to assume leadership with focus on social planning and policy change aiming at social action and system


We aim to advance the rights of communities, women, girls and young people in Cameroon, while strengthening community leaders and community-based organisations to respond to the needs of indigenous people.

MenEngage Cameroon


Executive Director Secretariat

Esther Omam