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MenEngage Togo

MenEngage Togo was formed in September 2017 and is hosted by the Alliance Fraternal Aid for Development (AFAD), a national non-profit NGO based in Kpélé Elémé.

Established in October 1995, the organisation’s focus areas are on maternal and neonatal child health, sexual reproductive health and rights, the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) campaign, women’s empowerment, gender-based violence prevention, STIs/HIV prevention, positive fatherhood, men and boys’ involvement in gender and health equality and community development.

The  most important and immediate goal of MenEngage Togo is to build a strong and vibrant country network by establishing partnerships with organisations that work to promote gender justice and the rights of women, children, young people and other vulnerable groups.

To engage men and boys on issues of gender justice, MenEngage Togo will currently run activities in the following domains:

  • Implementation of gender transformative approaches in members’ projects.
  • Outreach and Advocacy
  • Studies, Research and Policy Advocacy
  • Information, Education and Communication (Publishing, Radio and TV debates)
  • Training and capacity building workshops, conferences and seminars and campaigns on positive masculinity and fatherhood, gender equality, women empowerment, GBV/STI/HIV prevention
  • Resource sharing and networking with women’s movements for women’s empowerment and women’s rights promotion.
  • Working with men and boys, women and girls, teachers, traditional/community and religious leaders
  • Promotion of youth  men’s  and women’s clubs activities focusing on gender equality and GBV prevention
  • Promotion of cultural activities (theatres, music productions and competitions) focusing on gender justice and GBV prevention.
MenEngage Togo


Executive Director Secretariat

Dovi Mawuli Tomety